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Frequently Asked Questions

BIOGROW® is a revolutionary hair loss prevention product. Formulated in Switzerland by OSMA Cosmetics & Laboratories AG and based on the principles of phytochemistry and anthroposohpy.

BIOGROW® pine shampoo and conditioners have been especially formulated by OSMA Cosmetics & Laboratories AG, to accompany the use of BIOGROW® hair fall prevention lotion.

They are completely natural, they soothe and nurture the scalp, and help your hair shine and become more supple.

Manufactured in Germany under the supervision of OSMA Cosmetics & Laboratories AG, Switzerland.

BioGrow underwent in vivo (on humans) live trials at the esteemed Skin Test Institute in Switzerland, with regards to its efficacy in preventing hair fall and combating dandruff, and achieved the amazing results illustrated by the certificate above, as the scientific doctor supervisor noted, not only did BioGrow show great efficacy in preventing hair fall and combating dandruff, none of the participants (some of which had severe skin and scalp conditions including psoriasis) show any intolerance towards our completely natural product.

For our next phase of in vivo (on humans) trials, we have chosen the famous French laboratory SpinControl, this laboratory is not only one of (if not the) best laboratories in the world for cosmetics efficacy testing, it's the laboratory of choice for the elite cosmetics companies (such as L'Oreal.. etc) for testing their product.

These trials were extensive and as the report above highlights, used very advanced techniques such as Phototrichogram, Macrophotography among others and ended with a very thorough dermatological testing of BioGrow.

While we always knew how revolutionary BioGrow was, these results highlight something even more extra-ordinary, not only did BioGrow achieve a very good dermatological tolerance by the  Dermatologist doctor supervising the trial, the Phototrichogram technique revealed and as stated by the report generated by SpinControl above and signed by the multitude of medical doctors and scientific supervisors "A significant increase in hair density after BioGrow use" in this trial.

Lastly, in accordance with OSMA's vision of thorough testing, Biogrow went rigorous dermatological testing at the esteemed German DermaTest institute, and achieved unsurprisingly an "Excellent" dermatological test rating.

Following these outstanding achievements by BioGrow, OSMA Cosmetics & Laboratories AG was granted both a US patent as per US patent law and an international patent from France:

OSMA Cosmetics & Laboratories AG, is licensed by the Swiss government to carry out all activities related to invention, discovery, research, trading, manufacturing of cosmetic products, our products are registered throughout the European Union through our research, trials and patents, via Switzerland, Germany and France.

BioGrow has garnered the certificate of sale for cosmetics by Dubai Municipality - Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Registeration Office.

BioGrow is also registered on the federal level in the United Arab Emirates, having received The Certificate of Conformity from the Emirates Authority For Standardization and Metrology.

BioGrow has also garnered The Certificate of Conformity in Saudi Arabia and is registered with the Saudi Food and Drug

And lastly, our UAE manufacturing facility has received the prestigious GMP certification according to the esteemed American Cosmetics (ACS) Standards.

1- Shake the bottle well.

2- Apply on dry scalp and hair covering the hair and roots completely.

3- Use the scalp roller ONLY on hair gaps if any.

4- Leave it on hair for 1-4 hours.

5- Wash your hair with BioGrow natural pine shampoo.