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1 Bottle Biogrow Intensive Plus
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BIOGROW® INTENSIVE PLUS  (1 bottle of 200ml BIOGROW® INTENSIVE PLUS ) BIOGROW® INTENSIVE PLUS is 100% organic and the true solution for hair fall, dandruff and other scalp problems. All of our products are formulated from completely natural ingredients according to our Phytochemical a..
200ml Biogrow Pine Shampoo
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It provides shiny and supple hairIt soothes and nurtures the scalpManufactured in Germany under the supervision of OSMA Cosmetics and Laboratories AG, Switzerland..
Scalp Roller
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The device has been tested in Swiss and French Laboratories in combination with the lotion Biogrow.You can apply it to hair, scalp and eyebrows for both genders, in addition to facial hair in men.Apply Biogrow to scalp and hair and use the device to unclog closed pores for increased effectiveness...
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